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About Nadim Kassar

Nadim Kassar is a vital, objective-driven bank executive that has an  inspiring and growing momentum to have ideas carried out. Nadim approaches every new enterprise challenge with a natural tendency for resourceful innovation, imaginative problem solving, and controled risk, getting to generate constant bottom line enhancements and shareholder ROI.
Nadim Kassar is regarded amongst the prosperous, ambitious and far-reaching youth of businessman and impressarios. He is a leader, with an efficient and influential character, which qualifies him to attain essential major positions regardless of the financial or banking degree.


Nadim Kassar

Fransabank, always a pioneer in their field launched Energy Loans. They used an impressive awareness strategy titled: “Power is Energy, Save it”

Fransabank and Nadim Kassar developed a new group of loans that are environmentally friendly to satisfy business and consumer.  These loans are aimed at consumers who wish to benefit from efficient power, either in their personal spaces or at their companies since the cost of these measures can initially be high. These loans will help consumers undertake ambitiousat the same time will be  environmentally friendly.

Nadim Kassar
Photo: Nadim Kassar (Middle Right)